Real Money Gambling Guide

All About Online Poker

Online Poker is possibly the most popular form of online gambling, which is followed closely by sportsbetting and online casino gambling. There are several different poker games available to play online today, but the most common by far is Texas Hold’em. Other forms include Razz, Stud and Omaha. Online Poker came from very humble beginnings. IRC was the first type of online poker, but thanks to the software companies this form of online poker no longer exists in the mainstream, although we must never forget that it was IRC poker which started it all.

Online poker today is as close to the real thing as ever, especially with sites such as PKR, which have developed extremely realistic virtual tables with fantastic in-play animations, emoticons, customisable avatars and realistic sound effects. But this software is still fairly unique and the majority of poker sites tables are far more basic, but equally as exciting. To play online poker for real, you will need to sign up to a fully licensed site and make sure that you are over 18 years of age. Once you have made a (minimum) deposit, you should be able to find a table straight away, which could be a ring game, a sit ’n go or a scheduled tournament.

Not all of today’s poker sites insist that you install a secure poker client to play, but we recommend that if you are serious about playing for hours, the download version is usually far better than the instant flash version. At most US poker sites, UK poker sites, Australian poker sites, European poker sites or Canadian poker sites, you get to choose which currency to play in. For example, you may find that the poker software that you have installed onto your computer has tables available in $/€ and £.

Take five minutes to check through the lobby filters, because this is the best way to find the most suitable table. You can then save these filters to make finding a table in the future much easier. For example, you can play at tables with Pot Limit/No Limit. You can set your preferred blinds and you can also set the preferred table size, for example a ‘heads up’ game (just two players), a 6-seater table, 8-seater table, or usually up to no more than a 10-seater table.

You could also choose between Sit ‘n Go tournaments, which will start as soon as the maximum number of entrants has filled up. The other games will be ring games (cash tables). The choice is yours and this is what makes online poker so convenient, accessible and exciting today.