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All About Online Bingo

Online Bingo has really expanded over the past few years, becoming available at more and more secure online portals almost by the day. When playing online, you will be able to play 75, 80 and 90 ball varieties. The rules are simple. When playing online, there is no real skill involved. If you are playing in a land based bingo hall, you have to be careful how many cards/boards of numbers you purchase, because you don't miss a number when it is called out.

This just isn't the case online, because most sites have what is called an Auto Daub/Dab feature, which means that as soon as one of your numbers is drawn, the software will automatically acknowledge this and highlight the number for you, so in theory, you should never miss a number when playing bingo online. The great thing as well is that online bingo can now be played 24/7 at a growing number of fully licensed sites. There are plenty of US bingo sites, Australian bingo sites and UK bingo sites that provide fantastic bingo services.

Prizes are structured throughout the average game of bingo. The game is based on a lucky draw and your aim is to match as many balls/numbers as possible. It is kind of like a race, because you will be playing against other people. The first person to reach a line usually wins a prize and there are usually three lines on a standard bingo board. The top prize is otherwise known as a Full House. If you happen to be the player whose full board of numbers is drawn before any other player, you will win the top prize.

The other plus-side to online bingo is that you can purchase a ticket from as little as $/€/£0.05/10 and generally no download is required to launch any of today's online bingo games. The more dedicated players can even purchase bundles of tickets. If you find that you are quite a chatty person, you will be pleased to know that the majority of bingo portals even have a chat feature where you can constantly mingle with other like-minded bingo enthusiasts. Also, if you are a newbie, don't worry because there will be plenty of video tutorials and other helpful information sections to check out, which will teach you about how to play this exciting numbers game.